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Do not tell me what can and cannot be done, when the impossible was yesterday’s news.



he News Section is meant to bring you to the frontier of my writing. Here I will be posting any major upcoming events such as public appearances, as well as my day to day posts. In this section (In case you do not have an RSS feed or have not subscribed, which is the orange icon at the bottom and top of the page) you will be able to view all of my more recent postings by clicking on the orange text links. In the news section I will also be letting you know about current projects, works in progress, and upcoming publications. If you have any issues with viewing or responding to posts with this section of the website, please let me know, and I will fix it as soon as I can. Thank you for your support!


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This Week: What is Your Favourite Genre to Read?

he success of any artist is entirely based upon the public’s opinion of their work. Here, every week, I will post a question for you to answer. Over the span of the week, visitors to website can choose to take part in this survey of sorts, and the following week I will post the results. The questions may involve topics from your preferred genre to more specific questions such as: what, in your opinion, makes for an interesting yet powerful story? Your opinions matter! Let me know what you like in stories and it can help me, a developing writer, be guided to writing better pieces. Thank you for your support and feedback!

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riginally from Vancouver, I moved to Calgary, Canada when I was very little. From the time I was first taught how to write I had a love for it, and by grade two was already writing stories about a multitude of characters, settings, and adventures. As time progressed, I came to be fascinated with the mysteries of the old world and worked to incorporate them and their stories into my own; lost treasure, ancient philosophy and prophecy, and of course, the monsters of old. I have always loved the story style of thriller and for the past couple years been writing poems, short stories, and a novel in this genre. I enjoy travel, and so strive to include interesting settings into my writing, and with a head for facts and detail, work to make sure that the world is as vivid for the characters as it is for the reader. I believe that a good story involves having a movie rolling inside the readers head, and that the story should be interesting, exciting, and fun, as well as meaningful and symbolic.


I’m in my 17th year now, and the time has come to publish! I have built this website as the landing ground for my writing, and as a platform for me to reach for new literary heights. The success of any writer is based off of the support of their readers; their interest in the writing, and their desire to read it. Your opinions really matter to me, as they should to any writer, and so if there is something about my writing that you want to comment on and let me know about, be sure to contact me! I am new to the commercial writing scene, and since I am publishing on my own, I might make some mistakes along the way. I thank you, now and in advance, for you supporting me through these starts of my writing career.


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